A good, if worrying, appraisal of the current situation in Ukraine from Finian Cunningham: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article41690.htm

Of particular concern is that some of the 300 US troops currently in Ukraine have moved to ‘training’ positions only 20-30km from the conflict zone. Canadian and British troops are also already in Ukraine.

As the author observes, there are “renewed audacious media attempts to criminalise Russia”. This is something we can challenge. Where there is disinformation and demonising of Russia, write to the journalists, even better tweet them so the world can see. If online news articles allow comments, point out the flaws in the article, and the dangers of this war escalating. If articles don’t allow comments, use the hypothes.is annotation tool to annotate the article with your comments, then share the link through social media.