nuclear explosionIt’s Up To Us, No One Else

You do not want children, women and men to continue to be killed horrifically by either ‘conventional’ or newer more powerful Hiroshima-Nagasaki type nuclear bombs being dropped on people, supposedly ‘for peace and security’. You are with the vast majority of compassionate people on the planet who care for other humans, knowing that others feel what you feel, beyond self-interest, politics and propaganda.

Us common people of the Earth all want peaceful coexistence and peaceful resolution of conflict, bar incredibly rare exceptions. But recent events particularly re North Korea, Syria and Ukraine have increased the likelihood of us sleepwalking into allowing unreliable world leaders (or their handlers) to carry out a new series of mass-murdering attacks – quite possibly using nuclear weapons killing millions, and starting WW3 in the process. Why is this happening so easily? Why does strong public feeling against this madness appear so muted? Is it lack of hope, ignorance, distraction, or, as we assert here, is it primarily misrepresentation in our media and political spheres? What can we do about it?

Has bombing ‘over there’, often spread as ‘war-porn’ to our screens via revealing close-ups and drone-cameras, become acceptable? Have we already forgotten the horrors of the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan in 1945? Is it the lack of many in the West experiencing directly a ‘war at home’ that makes us insensitive to the horrors our governments inflict on others, or have our media and politicians got a key role in selling war to us as ‘a normal part of life’?

Why are corporate-state media talking so complacently, even triumphantly, of military ‘solutions’, rather than primarily of the horrors our weapons inflict on other humans and the urgent need for negotiated resolution? Why isn’t the deep rational public fear of war and our strong compassion for other humans who are affected by it being represented as an urgent loud call by journalists and politicians to step back from war insanity in favour of negotiation and diplomacy? Are there relations we don’t see between war-mongers, war-profiteers, politicians and news providers that prevent this?

If the vast majority don’t want and are repelled by war, why do so many grudgingly cave in and just go along with the proposition that it may well be ‘necessary’, in order for us ‘good guys’ to sort out those ‘bad guys’? Is it ever really that simple?

“War is a Racket” US whistleblower Major General Smedley Butler famously explained. (Watch / read via link here)

“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”

In the 21st Century with thousands of years and a world of accumulated philosophy, contemplation and science, it’s nonsense to believe that there is truly no other option available besides continued mass murder and eco-destruction on bigger and bigger more hideous scales, until only a charred radioactive mess remain.

Wars rage on in the colonial global game of chess with people’s lives, bringing vast power and profits through arms and geopolitical conquest to a tiny few, and we’re led by the nose to accept war as ‘normal’.

Achievable solutions do exist to the insanity of war, but they’re ‘bad for business’.

What about the global security system suggested by World Beyond War?

What about the UN actually being able to fulfil its vital peace-keeping role in the world without constant coercion from some of the most powerful states to subvert that purpose to their own selfish ends?

All war is a complete failure of sanity, but are we really willing to sit back quietly and helplessly, and swallow ‘justifications’ that pave the way for a new raft of ‘conventional’ or nuclear attacks on another nation’s people, and perhaps allow WW3 to be sparked from that by 5-star-bunker-assured, ratings-seeking political leaders and their neocon handlers?

It is surely up to us, no one else, no fairy godmother, as common citizens of the world to express as loudly and clearly as we possibly can our total opposition to the perversion of war insanity – impending WW3 Nuclear Insanity in fact – being presented to us as ‘normal’ and ‘necessary’.

What we Very Reasonably Want is for Our Compassion for Other Humans and Our Desire for Peaceful Coexistence and Conflict Resolution to be REPRESENTED by Politicians and News-Creators. It seems it is their both customary and shadier ties to the wholly unreasonable self-serving interests of ruthless warmongers and war-profiteers that we are up against in expecting this from them. If we communally take notice of, act on and share this urgent demand for an end to war ‘normalisation’, it can, we believe, be a crucial step along the path to one day overcoming that insanity.

It is up to us to spread the message around the world and up the political and media food chain until war finally becomes a painful memory, as it undoubtedly one day will with the weight of experience, like the once ‘normal’ global slave trade, the once ‘normal’ sexist voting laws or the once ‘normal’ apartheid system in South Africa.

“NO WAR! NOT IN MY NAME! We the world public feel compassion for other humans and have no interest to keep enriching and empowering war-profiteering arms-traders, energy corpirates and others who profit from mass-murder and destruction in wars. If this is truly a democracy we live in and not just the facade of one, if news media truly reflect the public’s greatest concerns and are not just in thrall to the war-mongering war-profiteering powerful few, then REPRESENT ME AND THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE PUBLIC by insisting that world leaders GET BACK TO THE NEGOTIATING TABLE TO FIND PEACEFUL RESOLUTIONS.

If political leaders and media controllers are unwilling to represent the public and work first and foremost for the peace the public wants, they need to be kicked out to allow in committed peace-makers to take over. ‘Normalised’ war is complete insanity devoid of humanity, pushed forwards by war-profiteers and ingrained militarists who know nothing else. Peace is Achievable by Diplomacy. But it’s ‘bad for business’. AS CITIZENS OF THE WORLD WE WANT ACTION FOR PEACEFUL CONFLICT RESOLUTION FROM OUR FAILING REPRESENTATIVES IN BOTH POLITICS AND MEDIA. REPRESENT US OR GET OUT!”

The aims of this site are twofold:

  1. To ask you to join and share a global wake-up call on news creators and politicians at all levels – local, national and international – urging them to fulfil their most crucial role of representing unanimous opposition to the mass killing of other humans by war, especially nuclear; and demanding instead that senior politicians, journalists and media-controllers represent public compassion, and therefore abandon war, war-profiteering, and propagandising for war, and direct themselves instead to achieving peaceful conflict resolution.
  2. To open debate on a wide range of questions, and offer articles with alternative viewpoints and evidence that challenge the limited, largely war-accepting and loyal-to-government/military perspective of corporate-state media; and never to forget the devastating human consequences if aggressive actions are not urgently exchanged for a currently easily passed over and Achievable non-military negotiated resolution to conflict.
  • Do we get the whole story from mainstream media?
  • Why do we dismiss some foreign media as ‘propaganda’ but take our own news as ‘unbiased’, against the evidence of experience? (e.g. Iraq, Libya)
  • ‘Good guys vs. Bad guys’ – This is the approach we’re fed, and of course ‘we’ are always the ‘good guys’. How is that illusion maintained and how can we get over it to a truer picture?
  • As the US’ war on Iraq was an ‘Oil war’, what drives Western interests in Syria, Ukraine and North Korea? Is it, as we are told by pollies and media, a ‘desire to spread democracy’?
  • Do war-hawks / war-profiteers influence our political representatives and / or media owners? 
  • What more can people do to stop war insanity?

I’m just one person, what can I do?

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”
― Edward Everett Hale


What/who exactly is

The website was set up in 2013 by a group of friends with a joint interest in the media, specifically against poor reporting that falsely justifies war.  Our focus then was the growing drumbeat for military intervention in Syria by the US/UK and others and we’ve since expanded this to cover Ukraine and now North Korea.