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Global Emailing News Creators and Politicians

We’d like you to join us and take part in a global emailing campaign to news creators and politicians, calling on both of these powerful influential groups to properly represent the compassion for others and the craving for peaceful coexistence and peaceful conflict-resolution the world public shares, instead of taking the approach that ‘war is inevitable, even virtuous’ favoured by powerful interest groups who profit from it.

We don’t expect a corrupt system that’s been going on for many millennia to suddenly cave in because of a swathe of emails, but please join us in cracking open debate on this most horrifically painful and brutal of our inhumanities.

By waking ourselves, friends, family and contacts up to the fact that war is a racket which can and must be eliminated from any humane civilization for us to survive, on a par with man-made climate change, there is real hope of spreading and building momentum to make progress in this ever more urgent campaign against the ‘normalisation’ of mass killing, before it’s too late.

News creators and politicians need to hear from as many people as possible that we see through the rotten racket and demand a change.

As the vast people-and-peace-loving majority, we demand that they represent us in words and actions, or we will dump them and find others who do.

War is Not ‘normal’. War is Obscene, War is Insanity, War is a Racket.

Please Read and Send the long message shown just below in Green by Clicking the Country Links underneath it (or ‘Rest of the world’) and then Adding your name and email in required boxes.

You may want to add extra recipients of your choice in the spaces provided, eg your own MP , editors and journalists of local and national news providers, or any other public figures, maybe from the world of arts and popular culture, that you think may have a sympathetic ear and support this campign.

We’d also really like you to Please Please Share our website – www.step-back.org – with as many family members, friends & contacts as you can, any way you want – emailing, facebook, instagram, twitter, text message … – real chat over coffee even! The more people you can reach the more impact we can all have to move forwards together to a world beyond war.

Dear XXX

I am writing to ask for your support in our global campaign to END THE MAINSTREAM ‘NORMALISATION’ OF WAR IN POLITICS AND MEDIA.

As conflicts and the disastrous consequences of ‘interventions’ rage on in several countries, people across the world urgently need to come out of our shells and work together against endless war being presented as ‘necessary’.

We need citizens, politicians and media workers to speak out strongly, clearly and together in favour of an urgent and permanent return to peaceful negotiations for conflict-resolution, particularly with the US president now tweeting constant swaggering threats of war escalation, including the use of nuclear weapons..

War must urgently become a relic of the past, a disastrous powerful-interest-driven mutation in our history that we manage to leave behind us, if humankind is to survive and progress. As long as war is judged and broadcast to be ‘acceptable’, as long as the vast fortunes from geopolitical warmongering rule our politics and inevitably colour our media, humankind will remain enslaved to war and impending nuclear apocalypse.

Politics and War ‘Normalisation’:

  • Dodgy dossiers and cherry-picked snippets of intelligence that are spread and believed just long enough to serve their purpose as pretexts for regime change attacks
  • Obliterating the line between supporting democratic reform movements in other countries and arming terrorists to fight as proxy forces against non-compliant states for self-serving goals
  • Allowing the lucrative financial goals of major corporations, including arms and energy, to go before people’s lives, or the truth
  • Remaining ideologically tied to a nationalist militarist outlook that helps to maintain the status quo of the domestic hierarchy
  • Staying tightly closed-minded to peaceful solutions to conflict which interfere with elite-profiteering and power consolidation linked to all the above

News Media and War ‘Normalisation’:

  • Taking political justifications for committing mass-murder ‘on humanitarian grounds’ without challenging, and then parroting as ‘fact’
  • Failing to represent the level of common people’s revulsion towards the violent barbarism our governments sanction
  • Towing the official line by ‘cheering’ the allotted allies and ‘booing’ the official enemy by using only suitably biased sources and ‘experts’
  • Failing in a conflict situation to take a broader less militarist less subjective view expressing the goal of armistice and saving all life, instead of ‘victory’
  • Failing completely to join any dots and shine any light on the shady links between the arms trade and politics
  • Failing to represent the great sense of unity people in the main feel for all other humans, especially in a conflict situation, and instead varying the compassionate element to reports depending if dealing with official ‘good guys’ or ‘bad guys’

We need the overwhelming public desire for peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution to have its rightful place at the heart of international politics and reporting on international conflicts, replacing the current constant implication that war is ‘normal’. And we need this change to happen Urgently before fingers reach for increasingly discussed red buttons.

As a politician, media worker, or someone with a public voice, we call on you to please take this message to your own heart and let it reawaken and ignite compassion and sanity in your work. And we call on you to share this widely with colleagues, in your own way and via the step-back.org website.

Finally, we call on news creators and politicians to express the urgent need for a change, for distance between powerful interest groups and the political and media world, to your seniors. Please try to find the strength to hold them to account with other colleagues and outside support, or denounce them publicly if they are determined to continue to ‘normalise’ war and fail to represent the critical need for compassionate peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Together we can make war history. 


Click on your location to email this message in your area. Add more journalist / political / public figure recipients which you think will have a receptive ear. We’re building up more contacts as we go, so if your country isn’t listed and you know who would be worth including please let us know 🙂

Apart from this, for all of us please also share the website www.step-back.org to as many friends, family and contacts as possible via social media, in friendship groups, at prayer perhaps, socialising, and in as many discussions as possible.



Get online and comment on news articles

Some online news articles are followed by comment sections. If you see biased reporting ‘normalising’ news or presenting a biased angle, do the readers a favour and point out the inconsistencies, the scaremongering, the framing of the facts.  Link to this site www.step-back.org, articles on here and also elsewhere on the web. Challenge the false official narrative that corporate-state media is in thrall to, normalising war and justifying the latest use of force over negotiation, with long-lasting all negative consequences.

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