By a man taken to be a liberal in a paper taken to be the home of liberalism in the UK we have the same US neo-con pro-war narrative gavaged down our throats yet again: “Vladimir Putin’s Russia is the aggressor, and Ukraine, in defending itself, is defending the values and principles on which the EU was built.”

First: please George in case you happen to drop by – and please anyone who for a second believes that daily, if not hourly, pumped out lie to prepare for war (just as with Syria, Libya, Iraq, …): Go right now and have a look at our short and clear Ukraine Timeline – link in header. What can you disagree with? At its absolute worst Russia has helped Eastern Ukrainian ethnic Russian separatists bordering on Russia who reject Kiev’s neo-nazis to defend themselves from Kiev’s forces trying to bombing them into submission, at any cost in lives. There has been no neo-Russian imperial expansion! It’s NATO that’s getting closer to Russia – not the other way round!

Second: Ukraine is overrun with extreme right wing blatant neo-nazis who have a deep hatred for ethnic Russians in the East of the country exhibited through many horrific war atrocities. Are these the ‘values and principles’ you’re referring to?