In what should be headline news around the world, in the way that the US claims of Sarin use by the Syrian government were headline news, before subsequently being used as a pretext for arming the ‘rebels’ – Russia has now verified that Sarin was responsible for deaths in Khan al Assal, near Aleppo in March. Unlike claims by the US and UK of Sarin use, based on samples of dubious origin, the Russian evidence comes from samples directly collected by an investigating team, and also implicates rebel fighters as the culprits quite conclusively. This incidentally endorses the view of UN investigator Carla del Ponte, a view dismissed by the US, just as this current real evidence has been dismissed.

A report on Russia Today tells the whole story:

Given that this report from Vitaly Churkin to the UN blows the American’s case for arming the rebels out of the water, we may ask why our media has almost totally ignored it.