Dear fellow UK citizen, please please slow down with any support you might be inclined to feel for ‘plucky’ steps towards war (cold or hot) with Russia, starting by looking beyond media reports that are already racing down the track lining up behind the ‘brave’ PM.
Didn’t we see precisely this same thing happen to achieve a pro-war stance over Iraqi WMDs that never were, Libyan massacres that didn’t happen, support for Syrian ‘moderates’ that are in fact dominated by Al Qaeda / ISIS? Blair and Cameron ‘staunchly standing up for justice’ we were told.
They lied, millions died.

If the British government led by Theresa May have any evidence that truly implicates Russia in the Salisbury incident, why don’t they then share that with the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) and proceed on a stable path as requested by Russian Ambassador to the OPCW Alexander Shulgin? (at the 87th session of the OPCW Executive Council on the chemical incident in Salisbury, The Hague, March 13, 2018, see link)

By ignoring the OPCW and failing to share any kind of evidence in a calm and investigative process as requested by Russian officials, Theresa May’s government is clearly set only on trying to boost her diminishing stature by her ‘doing a Thatcher’ – who famously turned the tables on her ratings with the Falklands war and fawning media support – even though this means ratcheting up tension with Russia on a dodgy pretext, and putting the whole world on an increased war footing.

So let’s all please step right back from the headlines, already narrowed in on the nitty-gritty of May’s follow-up to her ‘high morality ultimatum’, and let’s all please demand calm collected co-operation with the OPCW and Russia from this government, as opposed to May’s ‘iron lady’ amateur dramatics which endanger us all.
Please write to your MP and ask them to tell PM May to work with the OPCW and share any evidence with them and Russia instead of using this as a desperate and reckless way of boosting her image, or preferably just shut up and resign now.