Jay Tharappel from Sydney University has written a long article on various controversial aspects of the Syrian conflict, published here:

His focus is specifically on the views expounded by the American “Campaign for Peace and Democracy”, following its release of a ‘statement on Syria’, in which it supports ‘the Syrian Revolution’.  As an example, Tharappel dissects in detail the conclusions that can be drawn from casualty figures released by the pro-rebel “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, aka Rami Abdulrahman.
Out of the total 94,000 deaths, some 40,000 are of Soldiers or ‘pro-government militias’, while only 17,000 are of rebel fighters. The remaining 35,000 are ‘civilians’.  These strange proportions conceal a significant bias; many of the ‘civilians’ are likely ‘civilian’ anti-Assad fighters, and many of the ‘pro-government militia – or ‘shabiha’, are actually civilians executed by the lawless insurgents. The fact that 40% of total deaths are reportedly of ‘Alawites’ confirms the bias….
 The CPD is an organisation that appeals to, and in this way has coopted, the ‘liberal left’ onto the side of the ‘revolution’, and against the Syrian people.
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